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BW | Bottleworks Hotel


Go ahead & indulge.

Let temptation elevate your stay with our minibar delights. Quench your thirst with a tantalizing beverage, savor the allure of delectable snacks, or treat yourself to a late night delight. Whatever you're craving, our curated collection will bring new meaning to satisfaction.


Broad Ripple Potato Chips   $4
Best Chocolate in Town   $6
Think Jerky   $6
Dots Pretzels   $6

Albanese Gummy Bears   $4
M&M's   $3.50

Kombucha Powder   $3

Please call the Front Desk if you require assistance. Items will be added to your bill following checkout.

Soda & Mixers   $3
Red Bull   $3

Water   $4
Mini Spirits   $6
Spirits   $30

Canned Cocktails   $8
Beer   $4

Red Wine   $25
White Wine   $25

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